Camping Comforts You Should Consider

Growing up working on a family run carnival, you may find yourself spending plenty of time sleeping in tents and campers. Comfort and safety are the top priorities. There are so much equipment and camping products that make any outdoor trip an adventure. Once you get the basics, it’s just a matter of purchasing gear that will help you reach your comfort level!

Everyone has a different idea of what comfort is. Some people need simple basics when others need every lavishing indulgence. The main thing to remember is that you don’t have to buy the best/most expensive supplies to get the comfort you want. If you sleep in a dome, two-person tent by yourself for several summers and have to tear down and set up your tent weekly because the carnival you are working on may move every week from town to town.

Other than your tent you may have a medium size duffel pack, not all that much, only a fundamental part of two end zipper pockets and a side pocket. It will hold no less than a week’s worth changes of garments. For light around evening time, you may have an assortment of lights, lamps and spotlights. You may choose the sort of light banish that could be dangled from the roof; those sorts give you ease finding in the dark. Also, on cold nights you may feel safe using a small space heater to cut the chill.

There are space heaters specifically made to work with the door of your tent but they jump in price simply because they claim to be safer and work more efficiently. You may only use a regular small space heater that has low fire risk and make sure proper ventilation is flowing in the tent and the heater is in the appropriate free space around it for fire risk. If you can’t stand the idea of the fire risk of a space heater, how about electric blankets? They can run more expensive but they are marvelous in a tent! The recommendation for the pampered camper.

That brings us to the bedding. An electric blanket is great for the early and late summer nights that may get frigid but you don’t want heat in the hot summer months or if you live and or camp in warmer climates you don’t need heat at all! When you set up your tent, you should be sure to clear away any sticks and stones. You may choose to start with some foam mattress to get the cushion effect started, but that is for living in style. For just weekend camping a good sleeping bag would suffice. That would be more of a personal style choice with the direction you would want to go in for a sleeping bag there are so many styles and price ranges you can choose from.

– Portable Camping Toilet

A portable flush toilet is ostensibly the most propelled outdoors toilet model. This style of mobile commode has been designed to look, feel, and function as much like your standard, comfortable home toilet as reasonably possible.

This impressive design includes a built-in freshwater container as well as a waste tank that can be easily removed for simple and seamless cleanup. The downside to such a well-designed toilet is that the mobile toilet is larger and more cumbersome to lug around than the other camping toilet options like the bucket toilet and the collapsible toilet. This could be important if planning to travel on long trips with limited auto space. Another consideration to keep in mind is home storage. This toilet does not collapse and reduces much in size, so storage space must be more extensive.

For those interested in a more compact solution, either the bucket toilet or the collapsible toilet are good options. Both offer comfortable and hassle-free functionality at very reasonable prices.

The great thing about camping gear with comfort is all the great variety. Anyone can find what they need if they take the time to look around.