How to use a glue gun

A glue gun is used to apply hot glue, one of the most versatile adhesives there is. Hot glue can be used with a variety of materials, making it the best adhesive for home repairs and DIY work.

The glue itself is sold in the form of a glue stick. The glue gun stick is put inside of the glue gun and then, once you turn the glue gun on, the adhesive inside of the stick melts. The melted glue shoots out of the gun and then solidifies as it cools off.

Glue gun sticks quality will determine the results of your work. They need to be compatible with the glue gun so make sure to only buy sticks of matching sizes. Different glue gun sticks exist to match different gluing purposes. For example, you can get a glue gun stick for gluing wood materials, metals, and so on.

Using a glue gun step by step


Read the glue gun’s manual to find out about what it can do, what glue gun sticks can be used with it, and how to turn it on. Check the glue gun itself for any cracks or other damage. Working with a broken glue gun can be very dangerous. Load in the right glue gun stick, plug the gun if you are using a corded one, and you are ready to begin.

Heating the glue gun

The glue gun has to be hot in order to melt the glue gun stick inside. Some models will have to be switched on to start heating, others do it automatically once plugged in. If your glue gun has different temperature settings, set it according to the glue gun sticks’ instructions. Depending on the size of the glue gun, this will take from two to five minutes.

At this point, the glue gun nozzle will get very hot so do not touch it under any circumstances. Also, try to keep it away from other materials so that it won’t cause burn marks on the surface you are working with or even fire. Use the provided stand to keep the hot glue gun in a safe position

Releasing the glue

Put the nozzle of the glue gun as close as you can to the surface you need to put the glue on. Squeeze the gun trigger to release the melted glue. Do it slowly so that you don’t release too much hot glue at once. This is especially important if you are doing delicate work and cannot risk messing it up with too much glue.

Cleaning the gun after use

Always clean the gun, especially the gun nozzle, before you put it away. After you turn off/unplug the glue gun, remove any glue residue from the nozzle. If you don’t do it then you are risking the glue getting hot and being harder to clean off after. Glue left in the nozzle will block it and it will be difficult to get the gun to work again. You want to get any glue off before it solidifies but be careful as it will be still hot to touch. Use heat-resistant gloves before wiping the nozzle with a piece of cloth.